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Our Mission, Values, and Commitment to Excellence at Zaha Trading

At Zaha Trading, we are guided by a clear mission, anchored in our core values, and committed to delivering excellence in all our endeavors. Our customers are at the forefront of our business, and we strive to provide superior OEM electronics and outstanding customer service.


Best of the Best


Cutting-Edge Televisions for Ultimate Viewing Experience

At Zaha Trading, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge televisions that deliver an unparalleled viewing experience. Our televisions feature the latest technology, including high-resolution displays, smart features, and immersive audio, to bring your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports to life. With sleek designs and advanced functionalities, our televisions are designed to elevate your home entertainment to the next level.


Innovative Fridges for Fresh Food Storage

Our innovative fridges are designed to keep your food fresh and organized. With advanced cooling technologies, adjustable shelves, and spacious compartments, our fridges offer optimal storage solutions for all your groceries. From compact options for small spaces to large capacity refrigerators for big families, our fridges are built to cater to your specific needs. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly, our fridges are designed to minimize environmental impact while providing reliable performance.

AC Unit

Efficient AC Units for Ultimate Comfort

Stay cool and comfortable with our efficient AC units. We offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions to suit different room sizes and budgets. Our AC units are designed with advanced features such as programmable timers, multiple cooling modes, and energy-saving options for maximum comfort and convenience. With sleek designs and quiet operation, our AC units are perfect for creating a comfortable living environment, no matter the weather outside.

Washing Machine

Advanced Washing Machines for Cleaner Laundry

Our advanced washing machines are designed to make laundry day a breeze. With various capacities, washing modes, and advanced features, our washing machines offer efficient and effective cleaning for all your laundry needs. From quick wash options for busy days to delicate cycles for sensitive fabrics, our washing machines are designed to deliver optimal performance while saving water and energy. With user-friendly controls and durable construction, our washing machines are built to handle your laundry needs for years to come.